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Recruitment & Selection

Your people are your service promise to your customers whether they be internal or external customers. Therefore, itís important to recruit and select your staff in the right way. We can do all or any part of this process for you. We can design job descriptions, write the adverts and briefs, interview, do reference checks and carry out vetting.

HR Services

We provide the following HR Services over and above our recruitment service:

  • HR Strategy
  • HR Audits/Due Diligence
  • HR Administration
  • IR Advice

Whether you need help in developing an HR strategy, conducting an HR audit or due diligence exercise, drafting policies and procedures, recruitment or day to day HR advice Ė our team can help you.

Policies & Procedures

As you grow as a company you need to ensure that youíre managing and treating your staff in the right way.† A set of policies and procedures will ensure that you manage your people effectively and at the same time promote fairness and consistency throughout your organisation.

IR Matters

If you require a mediator to help solve a dispute or conflict then we can provide this service for you. Nipping conflict in the bud is the best approach before it escalates out of control. We can work with you to ensure that any conflict is worked through to an amicable conclusion.

Employment Contracts

Avoid disputes and disagreements by having rock solid employment contracts in place. We can work with you to create a set of employment contracts that cover you and at the same time ensure that your staff understand their rights and responsibilities.

HR Strategy & Organisation Design

We can help you to create your HR and organisation strategy. We can work with you to draft and design how your HR strategy fits into the overall goals of the business and how it will add value going forward.

HR Audits/Due Diligence

We can assist you in doing a complete HR audit of your organisation with recommendations. We can also assist in due diligence exercises should you be considering mergers and acquisitions.

Remuneration Surveys


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